Our Story

Once upon a time, in a small town named Holon, there was a young industrial design student named Ishay. One day, during his third year of college, Ishay’s professor arrived in class and presented a challenge. “Your mission is to create a product that can be mass-produced, yet is simple and cleverly designed,” he said.
Ishay was inspired. He looked at two-dimensional objects that surrounded him, and thought, “I know! I’ll transform a 2D object into a 3D object”. After spending many days and nights experimenting with different raw materials, he had an idea.
He whipped out his sewing machine at once. Ishay made two simple modifications in the process of sewing a zipper, and the first bag made entirely out of one long zipper was born.
Years later, this creation came to be called the ZIPIT Zipper pencil case and inspired the start of our entire company.

Our Mission

We feel that it is our duty to do our part to help unlock the extraordinary talents and potential of the people around us.
By making clever, fun, beautifully designed and very accessible products, we hope to ignite creativity and inspire our customers to unzip their minds, think without boundaries and never stop dreaming.